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When the technological quality and price meet-Creating Our Competitive edge – Nano Bioactive Implants in SLA Coating Under Strict Manufacturing, Understanding the Dental Industry With Over 25 Years of Experience Top Implants IM is the number one choice for dental implants and prosthetic elements. Our products are world class and our service is second to none.

We are a trusted supplier to dental professionals and have carved out world class reputation.
We have more than Twenty years’ experience of developing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of dental implant and related products.
With Top Implants dentists have peace of mind that they are using top quality materials for optimized patient treatment.
We works with distributors and directly with dental clinics worldwide.

Our high international standards for dental and oral reconstruction give us a first- rate market reputation for unparalleled quality and precision. Since 1995 we have been committed to keeping up with the latest technology.

  • CE 0413 Certification of full Q.A. System (by Intertek Semko AB).
  • ISO 13485: 2003 Accreditation
  • Titanium Grade 5 Ti 6Al 4V ELI Bars Implant Grade based on FDA requirements.

Our products are Platform Compatible with all implants produced in Israel such as AB Dental®, MIS®
, Alfa Bio®
, Adin®
, Branemark®
including Zimmer’s®
platform and also compatible prosthetics with rhein83®, locator®, osstem TS®, MegaGen® and more.

Our technology as STI Bioactive + Calcium Phosphate Dental Implant


The one – of a kind anodized / micro arc oxidation treated bioactive surface of the STI Bioactive implant speeds up the process of bone implant contact formation, allowing stability at the earliest stages of healing. This uniqueness of STI Bioactive + Calcium Phosphate Dental Implant helps to minimize the healing time and allows early and immediate loading.

The Bio surface strengthens cell attachment, differentiation and bone matrix synthesis stimulating increased bone-implant contact in a shorter time. Encourages to faster bone recovery and immediate loading success rate.

The combined result of surface energy, composition, roughness, surface texture and chemical interaction with Calcium Phosphate of implant improves its Osseo integration.

Innovation in surface treatment SLA + Calcium Phosphate.
Our groundbreaking SLA surface treatment achieves better Osseo integration, playing plays a vital role for the cellular level molecular interaction. SLA surface treatment turned out to be academically as well as practically effective.

We maintain competitive and fair prices. As the technology advances, the processes become more complex but mass production allows us to significantly reduce increases. And as part of the responsibility to our customers that will not affect the quality of the products we market.

We deliver worldwide, we works with distributors and directly with dental clinics worldwide and as part of our global marketing system we partner with suppliers around the world by providing fast delivery service with leading companies in the field.

Our Customers Above all, we are committed to them in terms of the price and quality of the product we provide and the best value for money.

We track the full range of the customer supply chain, from the moment you log in to the site through the user experience to the purchase and then to the shipment and most importantly to the satisfaction of the product itself.

“Buy more pay less” is not just a slogan for us, these are a business plan that we have created with the best financial advisors to enable us to significantly lower costs and provide competitive prices against a winning product.

Both clinical experience and research ex… Top Implants IM, Providing dentists with smart dental implant products at the forefront of technology. Both clinical experience and research expertise enables us to continually respond to the market and refine our products. Our Competitive Edge and our experience in industry of implants and leading edge in related products because they are developed using a combination of our in-depth understanding of cutting edge implant dentistry alongside our application of the latest clinical studies.

They not only look good but they have a functionality that is second to none as well as an extremely high rate of Osseo integration. They are manufactured from superior materials to the highest regulatory standards. The quality of our products gives dentists confidence that the dental implants they embed will naturally and providing a durable and practical solution to both aesthetic and clinical treatment.

Our Commitment to Quality our dental implants are manufactured to precision, using systems that fully comply with national and international regulations.

All products are of optimum quality and sized to perfection, both of which lead to ease of clinical treatment and, ultimately, customer comfort. We provide a full guarantee on all of our entire product range.

Client Support We don’t just provide the products; we back these up with a responsive, first class Client Service team, all of whom have years of experience in the dental field and can apply their working knowledge of dentistry to provide dentists and clinicians with Knowledgeable advice and training sessions.

Ongoing guidance on implant treatments and dental implants care, continuing product development GLOBAL BIOTEC IM understands that this industry never stands still; technical and clinical advancements continually impact on the range of cutting edge products we are able to offer.

We strive for continual improvement and are constantly applying industry developments to extend and enhance our range of products. Our fingers are on the pulse, many of our innovative products were developed in response to feedback and requests from clinicians and patients.

Our Service to Dentists We can provide dentists with: A broad range of dental implants and prosthetic products:

  • A quality and range that is in a class of its own
  • A price structure that offers value for money
  • A client service team that are just a phone call or email away.

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Revolution in Research and Development of Implants

Top Implants IM Ltd. is pleased to introduce the new NANO biological improved implant. This implant is made in new technique without any with addition of delicate touches calcium phosphate bone substitute in a thin layer coating. Method advantages:

  • No post implantatitis infections.
  • Shortening exposure time by a third.
  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • The success rate is 97%. (base on 2-year examination)
  • Suitable for immediate loading
  • Process without signs of rejection or any kind of environmental pollution due to implantation.
  • Big Time saving advantage in relation to others implants

The surface roughness of the implants is very important. The human cells react differently to smooth and rough surfaces. Osteoplastic proliferation and collagen synthesis are increased on rough surfaces.
Titanium implants with adequate roughness influence the primary stability of implants, enhance bone-to-implant contact, and increase removal torque force
The surface undergoes an electrochemical process of Anodic Oxidation –increasing the thickness of the implant’s natural layer of titanium oxide.
We offers Nano Active Surface in the field of Surface Treatment on medical parts. Tests shows results on Titanium Implants that deliver improved Osseo integration so that the bone will grow fest around the implant and into it within the lowest healing time possible, and with a more potent grip of the grown bone around the Implant.

Material Type: Titanium Grade 5 Alloy (TI-6AL-4V ELI)

As technology advances, there is a demand for high quality products and materials. The material type has many known benefits in the world of medicine and so we are obliged to use it.
All our implant products, healing cap, abutment and other are made of Titanium Grade 5 Alloy (TI-6AL-4V ELI).

The ELI grade has superior damage tolerance (fracture toughness, fatigue crack growth rate) and better mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures compared to standard grade Ti 6Al-4V, therefore, it is the perfect choice for implant fabrication. Its mechanical strength (40% stronger than grade 4) allows flexibility in implant design geometry.

Ti 6AI-4V ELI is highly resistant to corrosion as, it spontaneously and immediately forms a stable, continuous, tightly adherent oxide film upon exposure to oxygen in air or water, which protects the underlying metal from further oxidation and corrosion.

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