Dental Implants Review

Dental Implants Review

Dental Implants Review

Dental Implants Review​ | TOC

All on 4 Vs All on 6

Quality dental implants give a formidable result. If they are good implants and you take care of them a little, it is very rare that they cause problems. 

Top Implants goal is for our implants to last “a lifetime.” Generally speaking, we can say that a dental implant will last a lifetime. In a similar way to how we say that a crown or a bridge on a tooth will last between 10 and 20 years, dental implants last indefinitely. That is why it was important to us to write the first Dental Implant Review – All on 4 Vs All on 6

What are the All on 6 Dental Implants ?

Dental implants are a good alternative for those patients who suffer from total edentulism and who are looking for a solution to restore their smile permanently. The all on six technique is used in upper and lower jaw restorations when severe bone resorption has not yet been detected. 

This technique consists of the placement of 6 implants, where a porcelain titanium bridge is placed that is fixed to these implants. This surgery is performed in one day and therefore falls within the treatments now. It can be performed in patients with low levels of bone density without the need to resort to a bone graft, depending on each case.

The installed dental implants have an anchoring stop and an angle of placement, it is a minimally invasive procedure, painless and does not require more than one surgery.

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Which patients are indicated for an All on Six?

When a case is presented, the surgeon will evaluate it through tests such as dental CT or conventional x-rays. Once studied, the specialist will decide if an all on four or all on six treatment is more convenient. Placing all on six provides greater stability to patients with lower bone density and their chewing is more constant and powerful, while all on four is recommended for patients with higher bone density.

All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 was developed to enable more patients to receive implants. If you have been reluctant to undergo implant treatment because of the high costs and effort involved, you can use the All on 4 method.


The method could be suitable for you, for example, if you only have a small amount of bone left. Because thanks to a special method, less bone substance is required. All on four promises to be just as safe and durable as conventional methods. Even if you have shied away from the high costs so far, All on 4 could be a solution for you. The reduced number of implants also means lower costs. Last but not least, All on 4 is also an option for you if you cannot or do not want to wait for your fixed denture, as you can be fitted with a fixed bridge straight away. In addition to all these advantages, it is important to consider whether you trust yourself to do thorough daily cleaning, as it is a prerequisite for the long-term durability of the implants.

The all on four concept is particularly suitable for patients who:

have few jawbones

looking for an inexpensive alternative in implantology

want a less complex treatment

want to have their fixed dentures immediately

willing to practice very thorough oral hygiene

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A fixed bridge is only suitable to a limited extent, especially for patients who have an increased risk of inflammation on the dental implants, or peri-implantitis. In addition to bridges, there are also semi-fixed, implant-supported dentures that you can remove and clean much more easily. Let an experienced dentist advise you which dental prosthesis – whether dental implants or prostheses – is the right one for your teeth.


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