T-SHARK implants

T-SHARK implants

*Accurate insertion into all bone types
* Maximum patient comfort
* Conical implant with internal hex interface for improving esthetics, for better bone horizontal and vertical compression
* Suitable for immediate loading, self-tapping
* Enhanced Osseointegration
* Installation speed 30 RPM
* Perforation rotation: 500-800 rpm

Compatible With: Zimmer®, MIS®, Alpha Bio®, Cortex®, Edison Medical™, BioHorizon®, Adin®, AB® etc

As part of a variety of products, we at Global Biotech IM also offer the option of implants in a wide range of different sizes, different widths, and different lengths.
We want to create a comprehensive solution for our customers and suppliers.
We are committed to them and allow them to enjoy the high quality without compromise.
A wide range of sizes works for you:
*Diameter ranging from 3.0mm to 6.0mm
*The length between 6.0mm to 16mm
T-SHARK and DOLPHIN (the WHALE is ONE PIECE) are conical hexagonal internal 2.42mm implants, were designed in the best way, which was adapted to the need and demand of the dentists. Easy and simple insertion with optimal support and stability creates a uniform structure of a first-class dental solution for a variety of bone condition options in the patient.
The implant has been carefully constructed and designed under strict requirements which gives an ideal solution and immense importance for immediate loading and more importantly a great result afterward.
At GLOBAL IMPLANTS IM, we take great care to provide products of the highest quality, the highest accuracy and at the best price in relation to the quality, all of these and more allow us to set new standards and be able to confirm our customers’ confidence in our product and service.
It is important to emphasize that all our implants are made of Ti-6Al-4V ELI titanium alloy which can be read on our ABOUT page and is manufactured under SLA NANO BIOACTIVE SURFACE TREATMENT coating technology.

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