Bronze bundle – Straight Abutments (nerrowØ3.8|standartØ4.6|wideØ4.5|wideØ5.5) (buy 50 & get 50)

Bronze bundle – Straight Abutments (nerrowØ3.8|standartØ4.6|wideØ4.5|wideØ5.5) (buy 50 & get 50)


Special price for buying quantity,
Buy 50 Straight Abutments & Choose to Get 50 unit (1 product) of 1-4,  from:

  1. Healing Caps slim/normal/wide/special
  2. Implant standard analog D3.75mm
  3. Silicone for ball attachment
  4. Plastic abutment hex/ plastic abutment round screw

Example for Bronze bundle:

buy 50 Straight Abutments narrow 3.8Ø| 7mm -50 units & get for free 50 Healing Caps slim 3.8Ø|5mm

  • Don’t forget to list in Order notes the gift type you choose on the CKECKOUT page

For more detailed instructions on how to choose your bundle – CLICK HERE


bronze-set-bundle staright abutment


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