Implant Analog for Overdenture- Ø5mm| L12mm

Implant Analog for Overdenture- Ø5mm| L12mm


12 mm

Our Stainless Steel Implant Analog is used when constructing a laboratory prosthetic and is suitable for all implant diameters:
• Platform: Wide Flat
• Diameter: Ø 5.0(mm)
• Height: 12(mm)
• Material Type: Stainless Steel

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Analogs are used by technicians in the lab to replicate implants and simulate a true implant Benchmark condition when placed in the patient’s mouth.
A patient’s dental model is represented by an impression, and with the help of the analog, it will be able to assemble the structure or bridge according to its coded dimensions.

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 5 × 12 cm

5.0 mm


12 mm


Stainless Steel


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