Straight Multi-Unit Abutment (set) L1|2|3|4mm (Titanium)

Straight Multi-Unit Abutment (set) L1|2|3|4mm (Titanium)


Collar Height, choose sleeve
1mm/ Choose an option

Straight Multi-Unit Abutment L1|2|3|4mm (Titanium)
• Platform:  Internal Hex 2.42 mm
• Diameter: Ø4.5mm

• Collar height: 1|2|3|4mm
• Material Type: Titanium Grade 5 Alloy (TI-6AL-4V ELI)

  • Suitable for implants Ø3.3-4.2mm

The overall height varies depending on the choice of Collar height

The set contains

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  • long transfer screw 11mm|Ø2.00mm
  • closed transfer 7.5mm| Ø5.00mm
  • open transfer 9.0mm| Ø5.0mm
  • analog 8.5mm| Ø5.0mm
  • healing cap for multi-unit 5.00mm|Ø 5.00mm
  • titanium sleeve abutment 9.00mm| Ø5.00mm
  • plastic sleeve abutment 9.00mm| Ø5.00mm
  • ti-base for multi-unit 4.5mm| Ø4.9mm
  • fixation long screw 5.1mm| Ø2.00mm
  • fixation short screw 2.5mm| Ø2.00mm
  • metal position holder 12mm

*If you are interested in one of the complementary products, this must be noted in the comments when purchasing

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Additional Information

Weight 20 kg


Collar Height

1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm

choose sleeve

plastic, titanium


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